Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad MOBAPAD M6s Gemini with Sensing Joystick for Nintendo Switch / Switch OLED

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Immerse yourself in unparalleled gaming experiences with the Mobapad M6s Joycon for Nintendo Switch Controller Pro. Designed for gamers seeking ultimate precision and sensory satisfaction, this controller features an adjustable joystick with hall effect technology, HD vibration, and 6-axis gyro capabilities.

Crafted to perfection, the Mobapad M6 S & M6 HD are engineered to elevate your gaming sessions. The M6S boasts sturdy standard microswitches and rotor motor vibration technology, ensuring rapid controller responses and tactile feedback. On the other hand, the M6 HD takes it a step further with Omron's high-precision microswitches and original ALPS linear motors, delivering enhanced control accuracy and haptic response.

Whether you're executing precise inputs or indulging in immersive vibration experiences, the Mobapad M6S and M6 HD are designed to exceed your expectations. Get ready to embark on gaming adventures like never before.


The M6 HD incorporates Omron's high-precision microswitches and the original ALPS linear motors, elevating control accuracy and haptic response to a whole new level. Whether it's precise input execution or an immersive vibration experience


The M6S comes equipped with sturdy and reliable standard microswitches along with rotor motor vibration technology, ensuring swift controller responses and tactile feedback.

Multiplayer Gaming Experience

Independent Use: Standalone functionality eliminates the need for extra controllers.
Convenience in Co-op and Versus Games: Enhanced convenience for cooperative and competitive gaming experiences.

Amiibo Support

Built-in Amiibo Sensor: Embedded Amiibo sensor enriches the gaming experience.

Variety of Faceplate Options

Tailored Faceplates for Different Games: Choose different faceplates based on the game, offering a customizable and flexible gaming experience.

comfortable controller grip

Solid Grips: The substantial grip design ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions.
Effortless Macro Settings: Streamlined macro settings enhance operational efficiency, providing a seamless gaming experience.

six-axis motion sensing

The Mobapad M6S/M6 HD supports six-axis technology, enhancing the perceptual experience of control. Through motion sensing, it allows players to interact more freely and intuitively, bringing a completely new level of immersion to gaming.

(M6 HD Equipped, M6S does not have)Precision Sensation with Omron Microswitch + Liquid Silicone

A.Exceptional Durability, Breaking Traditions.
B.Smooth Touch Feel, a New Era of Mechanical Keyboards.
C.Fingertip Control, Unparalleled Performance

(M6 HD Equipped, M6S does not have)ALPS Dual-Axis Linear Motor + HD Vibration

A.Immersive Sensation, Powered by ALPS Precision.
B.Elevate Your Experience with Dual-Axis Precision.
C.Feel the Intensity with High-Definition Vibration Technology

Low Power Design

M6 HD standby power consumption is significantly reduced, with self-consumption at 7 microamps. Compared to Joy-Con's 100 microamps and M6's 10 milliamps, it drastically minimizes the impact of standby mode on the console battery. Each side has a 500 milliamp battery, providing approximately 17 hours of battery life.


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